Whats Sauce?, You got none!

Here youre going to learn how to brew, and finesse your own sauce for personal accomplisments

In da Trap shot by Cole Bennet

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One of the most famous songs released by Young Gleesh, that has gone viral thanks to the amazing video aesethics used in it. Howver the song is where the sauce is at, as Young Gleesh carries himslef throughout theb eat like no other rapper has ever done

Ski masks the Slump god on the Rise

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Straight from LA, Ski mask the slumpgod is one of the most underground and unknown rappers in the game at the momenet, most of his fame is associated with XXXTentacion another rapper which made the 2k17 freshamn class award together with Carti and Kay-P. His flow and style is completely unique and to the face, unlike most other rappers, Ski mask does not make similar rap songs as the majority of all artists do, when you hear his style you instantly recognize it. He is grinding har everyday and he should deserve more recognition. Slowly he is getting it, thanks to the exposure that cole bennet gace to him with his video for "Catch me Outside", which went instantly viral.